Hot Cocoa Cupcakes + a Half-Marathon.

I’m getting ready to fly to Arizona where I’ll be racing the Phoenix Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon this weekend (anyone else?). I haven’t been racing my best lately and have been thinking a lot about what I’ve changed that might be attributing to the slow-go-ness. I’ve been training hard, eating well enough and certainly sleeping like a champion. But it occurred to me how I’ve gotten away from being ridiculously superstitious and diligent about certain pre-race routine rituals that I used to swear by. To think how much LUCK I have been leaving on the table every time I’ve been toeing the starting line without eating 12 pretzels exactly 21 minutes prior to the race, wearing my neon striped socks, adorning a piece of pink ribbon in my laces and zapping my shoes (you read that right). To think, I’ve been cheating myself out of new PR’s left and right! Call me Nancy Drew but I think I might have solved this case.

So, back to pre-race rituals it is. I’ve found that the best way to receive good luck is to give it out, so luckily there are two other poor souls  amigos of mine running this weekend: my boyfriend Peter (hi pg!) and fast-friend-Sarah will be undergoing 13.1 miles of torture  who will be in need of fueling up on my good-luck-cupcakes. I’ve run some of my best races after carbing up on cupcakes in the days prior to the race and being that the very thought of cupcakes makes my heart smile, I didn’t have to tell myself twice to bring this ritual back.

So my girl Betty C. and I got to work.

She had boxed up a new mix for me…of….wait for it…… HOT COCOA CUPCAKES (oh. my. GOD). photo (96)

And because I was feeling like I could push the 3-step directions a tiny bit further I made them into…….PEPPERMINT HOT COCOA CUPCAKES (no. you. diiiidn’t….. yeah. i did). I crushed up some of these choco peppermint pieces of heaven and piled them into the batter. photo (97)

photo (98)

Here’s some proof that I did not eat all of the batter before it was time to actually bake them. I’d post the recipe here but Betty C. is keeping it all to herself. She’s such a quiet one.

I’ll report back on whether or not my LUCK has returned after Sunday’s race…

Are you racing this weekend? How about the Phoenix Rock N’ Roll half or full marathon? 

Do you have any pre-race rituals that you swear by? 

Ever enjoyed a hot cocoa cupcake? Or a PEPPERMINT one?!?

About Kelly

A runner and lover of peanut butter and cupcakes living in San Francisco, CA. This blog captures my experiences in running, refueling and building the lifestyle business, IRUNLIKEAGIRL (Online Store: Facebook: Half Marathon PR: 1:31 (2009 Bay State Half Marathon) Marathon PR: 3:21 (2010 Nashville Country Music Marathon)
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2 Responses to Hot Cocoa Cupcakes + a Half-Marathon.

  1. It’s always hard to press the 3 step directions but it seems like you got through it unscathed! Great job my friend! I have honestly never heard of hot cocoa cake mix; where have I been lately? GOOD LUCK in your race Saturday!!!

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