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Senior Art Director for a top advertising agency by day, Chief Obsessor/Founder at by night, Ashley Rutter is a girl that has got it going on.

I first met Ashley nearly eight years ago while we both worked together at a boutique ad agency in South Norwalk, CT. We bonded over a shared appreciation for frilly lattes, P A R I S, the color pink and the office snack cabinet. And as girlfriends in advertising go, we spent a lot of late nights at the office discussing important things in life like our takeout order and what might of happened in our clients childhood to make them so evil. Ashley is dedicated to producing great work; if she is going to do something, she is going to do it well. She leads with heart, obsesses with grace and gives each day the best version of herself.

Recently I sat down to dinner with Ashley to get the full scoop on how she made her longtime dream of starting her own blog a reality.

I. How did get started?

I had the idea a few years before it actually got started. I read a ton of blogs and I have successful-full-time-blogger envy, so I had always thought about starting my own. And I knew I wanted to blog about all the things I obsess over, which if you read my blog, is A LOT of things. In fact, I think my obsessiveness has become one of my defining personality traits. Initially, the hardest part was coming up with a name and picking a URL. Everything good always seems to be taken! So one day I had a clear vision of what the blog would be, came up with the name, bought the URL, and GirlyObsessions was born. Sort of. You know the old saying about how the cobblers kids don’t have shoes? The same is true for design, at least for me. I think that most designers will tell you that creating something for yourself can be incredibly difficult, and I am definitely my own worst critic! But I was working in a job where I was feeling less than inspired, so once I bought the URL, the design came together very quickly. And thanks to my super talented husband, it was coded in WordPress and I was up and running in about a month. That was almost two years ago!photo 3

II. What has been your most rewarding moment with to date?

That’s a tough one! I’ve had a lot of rewarding moments! But I would say one of my first rewarding moments was when I got a blog comment from someone I didn’t know. It might seem small but it’s something that still makes me happy every time it happens. It means that people other than my friends and family are reading my blog! And to me, that equals success!


III. How do you find the time to manage your blog while working full time as a Sr. Art Director?

Not gonna lie, it’s really hard. I just started a new job in September that I love but is incredibly demanding. But GirlyObsessions is my creative outlet, so I always try to find the time. Although I do have instances like over the holiday break where a one week hiatus turned into three… Honestly, running the blog is like having a second full time job. Almost all of my free time is spent taking and editing photos, writing posts, managing the social media, concepting new ideas, etc. I am working toward the goal that one day by blog will be my full-time job, but for now, I just make sure I find the time. But I also try to cut myself some slack and not totally stress out if I can’t post for a few days due to work or other things going on in my life.

IV. Last year you ran a half-marathon. Are you training for any races currently?

I hate to even admit this, but until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t had a regular workout routine in like, 6 months. (Crazy work hours + blogging + life in general = no time.) Although that’s a terrible excuse because I know I always feel better after working out! So I’ve started running and working out again more regularly with the goal in the back of my mind to run that half again in June. And to beat my time. But, at this point, if I could just run it again without dying, I’d be happy!

photo 2

V. What advice would you give to those that need help staying committed to fulfilling a goal or dream that they have?

Do what you’re passionate about and set realistic goals for yourself. If you’re stuck in a day job that you don’t love, then find an outlet. I’m lucky that I have a job that I love, but nothing I do there is for ME. The blog is for me. It reflects who I am. And it’s scary putting yourself out there sometimes. But, no risk, no reward right? Sometimes I think if I just stopped blogging, who would even care? Why do I put this added pressure on myself when I could just stop? But it’s something I’ve committed myself to doing. And I know I have readers who love the blog, so I keep it up not only for them, but for myself. Because even though it can be demanding, I truly love doing it. I set a series of small, attainable goals for myself along the way, and reaching those is rewarding. I started out small and as the blog continued to grow, I changed my goals and added new ones, like: write one more post per week, add a new feature, use more of my own photography, grow my traffic to grow by XX%, etc. While I’d love to have overnight success, I have to believe that it’s hard work and dedication that pay off in the long run.

Ashley Says:

My favorite meal of the day is: Dessert

…and I usually eat: Ice cream followed by popcorn. Can’t have sweet without the salty!

I like my coffee: In the form of espresso. In a latte. With a little sugar.

My favorite color is: Neon! Well, specifically, neon pink. Actually, any bright pink will do.

My favorite day of the week is: Going for the obvious choice: Saturday.

If an extra hour was added to each day I’d use it to: Write my blog post for the next day…I’m such a procrastinator.

Most people are surprised to learn that I: Am 31. I know that sounds weird, but I’ve had a lot of that lately. And that I can’t dance. Like, at all. Zero rhythm. And no one believes me until they actually witness it for themselves, and they’re like ok, I get it. Sucks for you.

I run: To stay in shape and de-stress.

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Ashley Rutter

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