Yoga.Run Cozumel

Day in, day out there is a part of our nation that rises to run, to roll out their mat, to move. Most days only being accountable to one’s self, and that’s enough. But on January 31st 2013, twenty five of these souls retreated to Cozumel, Mexico for Yoga.Run. It was a five day retreat lead by Goldie Kaufenberg (2012 Best of Boston Yoga Instructor) & Brogan Graham (Co-founder of the November Project). To describe it as an AWESOME experience would earn me a spot on The Bachelor this season the Understatement of the Year Award. But instead of inventing and presenting ‘awards’ to myself, I shall attempt to describe the experience more accurately; it was an aweINSPIRING experience that made me appreciate the lifestyle that I have chosen for myself more than ever.

Each morning we gathered on the beach at 8am ready to stretch, ready to sweat.  We ran out and back along the Cozumel coast, the only heavy thing on my mind being french toast, side of pancakes. After which the first of Goldie’s twice daily yoga sessions was held on the rooftop studio. The view was a sight only to be found on istockphoto in paradise.

But it was not the sunshine filled morning runs or breathtaking views that swept the yoga sessions that made this an aweINSPIRING retreat—it was that it was done in step with a group of people that simply get it. A group of people that know what it takes and what it’s like to make sacrifices each day to make their fitness and health a priority. It was in the Cozumel sunshine that we celebrated all of the mornings that we typically peel ourselves out of our warm beds to hit the streets for a dark and chilly run. It was on the rooftop that we rewarded ourselves for all of the times we left work after a long day and chose the studio over the couch. All of the times we chose to stop thinking and just start doing.  Strangers met, lived out Yoga.Run and came out the other side as friends and to me, it’s really no wonder why.

Questions for you:

Have you ever been on a active-yet-restorative retreat?

Would you be interested in a Yoga.Run-type retreat?

[Photo credits to my vacation ROOMIE & sister, Laura and sunglass stomper, Brogan]



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2 Responses to Yoga.Run Cozumel

  1. Allison says:

    Kelly this sounds like absolute heaven!! I have never been on a Yoga.Run-type retreat but it is definitely on the bucket list!

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