Wednesday mornings will never be the same.

A few months ago my sister Laura told me that one night, she dreamed that we lived on the same block. I remember thinking oh, yeah, when we are both eventually-someday-finally married at the age of 48 and have settled down with our extremely well-behaved children and good looking husbands, yeah, I could totally see that happening. But in early April, Laura drove cross country from Boston to San Francisco, knocked on my door, Vanna-Whited the Uhaul parked behind her and moved into the apartment next door. In retrospect it should of come as no surprise – this is a girl who dreams things up, has her coffee and then makes things happen.

Now I should first clarify -or she will do so for me- that my sister Laura is no newbie to San Francisco. As a traveling Physical Therapist, she’s lived here a few times before and has an undeniable love for her city by the bay that keeps her coming back for more. No matter the motivation for her return (dreams of block parties with me clearly being at the top of her list) she’s back and she’s back in a big way.

Laura is the fearless leader of the new November Project – San Francisco.  The November Project is a grass-roots fitness movement that originated in Boston, and I first met some of these yogi-runners during this past winter’s Yoga.Run in Cozumel. Well, it has officially caught fire on the left coast with weekly 6:30am Wednesday morning workouts at Kezar Stadium in Golden Gate Park. This morning was my first workout and I’m pretty positive I’ll be going bed on Tuesday nights in my running clothes, phone alarm strategically placed across the room in my running shoes. And I should also add that it’s free. I know us Americans like to pay top dollar for our workouts and I’m certainly no exception but try zero dollars on for size, it actually fits!

So come join November Project on Wednesday mornings, rain or shine @ 6:30am. It’s time to get our sweat on, San Francisco.



About Kelly

A runner and lover of peanut butter and cupcakes living in San Francisco, CA. This blog captures my experiences in running, refueling and building the lifestyle business, IRUNLIKEAGIRL (Online Store: Facebook: Half Marathon PR: 1:31 (2009 Bay State Half Marathon) Marathon PR: 3:21 (2010 Nashville Country Music Marathon)
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2 Responses to Wednesday mornings will never be the same.

  1. Allison says:

    This is awesome! I’m totally in!!

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