Meet Nicole, our Ambassador from Michigan

An avid runner, mother of three & middle school teacher, Nicole collided her interests when she started a girls running group in effort to inspire students to be more active and feel good about themselves. Nicole has run a couple of half marathons and this September will be joined by 15 of her IRUNLIKEAGIRL teammates as she takes on the Detroit Women’s half marathon. Hooty hoo!

Nicole loves to share her enjoyment for running, and we are loving that she will join Alexis, Katie and the rest of the team of Ambassadors in helping IRUNLIKEAGIRL build positive connections and friendships between runners that might have not otherwise ever been.

If you are in Michigan or maybe just want to run Eminem’s hometown city streets (me), Nicole has selected the Detroit Women’s Half Marathon (September 22nd, 2013) as her Fall goal race and would love your company. If you are interested in running this race or just want to send her a note, her inbox is now accepting hugs: please email Nicole (nicolettefaz (at) yahoo (dot) com).

Nicole’s story:

“The Crim Foundation is big here in the Genesee County Area (Michigan). The Crim is a 10 mile race that has been going on for 37 years. It was started by Bobby Crim to raise money for Special Olympics. They have a Crim Grant that they give out to schools each year for promoting running health. Last summer four Middle School Teachers, including me and three of my friends, decided it would be fun to try it. Middle school girls are not that interested in running in our area. So we were awarded the grant and started training in the fall of 2012. One of our teachers moved districts, so we were left with three teachers to run the program. We are all runners and all run at different paces so we knew we could challenge the girls at all levels. We ran through the fall and then did inside activities in until the snow melted and we could go outside again. We met two days a week and talked about nutrition, different kinds of exercise and overall health. With the grant money we signed them all up for a race in May. The race was in its first year so they all placed! They girls had a great time and each was given a medal. It was positive for all the girls that participated and we hope to get the grant so that we can do it again this year.”

Nicole says:

My favorite meal is: If I had to pick a meal it would be our family dinner meal together. They are usually some sort of chicken dish, very creative I know, baked fries (for the kids) and fruit. At this time we each share our favorite  part of the day. We tell what we liked most of our day. Even our 4 year old has been doing it since he could talk. It is interesting to see how it changes for each person from day to day.

And I usually eat: a lot of the same things. I am not very creative with food and I’m not a good cook. I do like to go to our local farmers market on Sundays with the kids and find fruits and veggies and then cook up a meal on Sunday night.

I like my coffee: I’m not a coffee person. I love Starbucks~ for their Chai Tea Latte and black tea/lemonade. I love the smell of coffee, just not the taste.

My favorite color is: periwinkle. I like that you can’t tell if it’s blue or purple.

My favorite day of the week is: Thursday. It means that it is almost Friday and during the school year we can wear jeans and running shoes on Friday and then it’s almost the weekend. Also, Thursday night TV is usually pretty good.

If an extra hour was added to each day, I’d probably use it: to sleep. I don’t get enough sleep with 3 kids, a new puppy and house to clean.

Most people are surprised to learn… that I am a really nice person. I am rather vocal when I believe in something, especially at work, when it involves kids. I tend to speak my mind and if you don’t know me, it can be intimidating, or so I have been told. It makes me laugh because I don’t see myself that way. I just assume everyone speaks their mind if they feel strongly about something.


Tri Goddess Triathlon 2012


Warrior Dash


Nicole, IRUNLIKEAGIRL Ambassador


Shivering through a 34 degree race on St. Patricks Day

 To learn more about Team IRUNLIKEAGIRL: Michigan please leave a comment below or email Nicole directly: (nicolettefaz (at) yahoo (dot) com). To learn more about Alexis’ TX team please go here. For Katie’s CO team please visit here. And please check back as we introduce our other Ambassadors in the coming weeks!

About Kelly

A runner and lover of peanut butter and cupcakes living in San Francisco, CA. This blog captures my experiences in running, refueling and building the lifestyle business, IRUNLIKEAGIRL (Online Store: Facebook: Half Marathon PR: 1:31 (2009 Bay State Half Marathon) Marathon PR: 3:21 (2010 Nashville Country Music Marathon)
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  1. Armando Luna says:

    So I lost my neighbor?? I didn’t know you’ve left–Hope to see you at Javits. Good luck!!

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