IRUNLIKEAGIRL takes on the SF Nike Women’s Half Marathon

With the launch of our new online store, this has been a big, exciting week for us. And as Team IRUNLIKEAGIRL prepares to toe the starting line in San Francisco AND Denver, this weekend rolls in with a similar energy. And as if on cue, there is that pit in my stomach. That nervous yet excited sinking stomach feeling brought on by the very thought of racing. Perhaps I should already be on the porta potty line.

The SF Nike Women’s Half Marathon has been on my race wishlist for a couple years now. The city, the swag, the lottery, the point-to-point course all culminated to warrant a high pitch squeal when our team of 8 was accepted. We got in! And up until 4 weeks ago, my training was going well. Week over week, my track workouts were faster. I was consistently cross-training while preparing to become a group fitness instructor. I felt strong, fit, alive. Unless of course, I was napping. There were a lot of those. And then I got hurt. Limping home from a run kind of hurt. Put in a boot and given 3 weeks to live rest. Call me dramatic but I was devastated.

A week later I took flight to Dominica for a Yoga.Run retreat with my sister and 25 yogi-runners. We slept in tree houses. Showered outdoors. Ate the amazingly fresh food. Glamped. I was grateful to have a full week with one intention – to heal my foot. Getting a tan was high on the priority list too. While everyone would hike & run, I swam. The outdoor restaurant overlooked the pool to which I would look up and see inquisitive looks upon the guests faces. With two breaths to the other side of the pool it was essentially a rubber room. I was institutionalized. Hey guys nothing to see here, just a really tall girl in a small pool trying to maintain her sanity. A week of swimming, yoga, stretching and icing on repeat and I left Dominica with the ability to walk pain-free! And without a tan.

Fast forward to this morning– I had another pain-free run! I’ve been running since Wednesday and my foot is reacting well and feeling better everyday. On Sunday I’m going to start the race, run a couple miles and if the foot feels uncomfy (it’s a word) I am going to hop out. Yeah, still coming to terms with this that last part but hopefully it won’t be necessary and I will cruise right along to a sub 1:30 (<– I’ll be having a reality check for lunch). So, here’s to recovery, good health for all and the remembrance that every run is a gift.

Are you racing this weekend? Good luck to all runners, especially those running the Nike Women’s Marathon, Denver Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon, MCM & Runners World Challenge.

PS- BOTH of my sisters AND my MOM are in San Francisco this weekend (my sisters are also running NWM). So naturally that last statement is exactly how I’ll be feeling for the next four days.






About Kelly

A runner and lover of peanut butter and cupcakes living in San Francisco, CA. This blog captures my experiences in running, refueling and building the lifestyle business, IRUNLIKEAGIRL (Online Store: Facebook: Half Marathon PR: 1:31 (2009 Bay State Half Marathon) Marathon PR: 3:21 (2010 Nashville Country Music Marathon)
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