About Kelly

Congratulations. Your orbit of the blogosphere has docked and well, I could not be more excited that you’re here. Welcome!

My name is Kelly, but since you’re almost two paragraphs in and still reading I now consider us new friends, old cronies in the making and therefore you can call me Kiki.

I’m a runner and lover of peanut butter and cupcakes (and peanut butter cupcakes). I ran track and XC at the University of New Hampshire (’05), moved to NYC and then two years ago, moved to San Francisco and started the West coast office for my New York City based advertising agency. It was a great opportunity but all my dream believing self wants for Christmas has wanted since the beginning of time was to run my own small business. My parents started their own small business in their late-twenties and supported a fun loving barrel of kids (I’m one of five) while making their dream of running their own restaurant a reality. I admire and respect my parents for taking that leap of faith and for going after exactly what they wanted for themselves. Their story has inspired me to go after my dream.

So here I am, now working with IRUNLIKEAGIRL’s Founder, Jen Wright, to take IRUNLIKEAGIRL to a whole new level. Besides being the creator the company, did you know that Jen fulfilled her lifelong dream of being a balloon walker at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year? Oh yeah, that happened. We’re going places alright.

Thankfully I expect to have a lot of company on this new adventure. In my corner is you, my new friend (right??) and my supportive and oh so good looking boyfriend, Peter (hi pg!). I knew I picked a winner when I hazed himhe agreed to a third date that entailed a full Saturday of selling IRUN gear at an all-women’s race. The look of bewilderment that struck his face when he was asked for advice by a group of IRUN customer runner gals regarding the tank top fit is a look that I cannot wait to see again very soon. Also in my corner is an amazing group of friends and an army of sarcastic siblings, all of whom will never allow me take myself too seriously. And above all, two parents that are truly on my team, providing support & encouragement for me to go after this dream of mine. Means a. lot.

So here’s to the road ahead. I should warnadd that I’m one for the journey. Which means that this blog will be overflowing with mindless banter about things like my pursuit of a sub 1:30 half-marathon, killer new dance moves and love of green sour patch kids & funfetti cake & peppermint mochas (not together, or maybe…).

Yours in yoga pants,



Hey look it’s Jen! IRUNLIKEAGIRL Founder (and proud Macy’s day parade balloon walker)

4 Responses to About Kelly

  1. Karen C. says:

    Love it Kelly! You rock my running socks! See ya soon at one of our many 2013 meetups!

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  3. dmbastow34 says:

    Kelly, you are so awesome. Love this blog! Keep running and writing girl, you’re an inspiration! xo

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