I have an announcement.

Last week I told you about a little pre-race ritual that I was bringing back in effort to start running ‘acceptably-slow’ again. I baked a batch of cupcakes a couple days prior to the Phoenix RnR half marathon (which took place this past weekend), fed them to who are we kidding I ate all 12 my friends & I and what do you know, we all ran pretty well. I ran a 1:35 which is not a PR, not even close (<— my ego had to add that), but I reversed the curse and that’s what’s important. So now you know- 3 days prior to the next race that you are running, pick up a $1.24 box of cupcake mix, get baking and you too can start running acceptably-slow again.

So I’m thinking that if cupcakes did it for the half-marathon, it will take a multi-tier cake for a full-marathon, right? Sounds logical to me. You heard it here first, Team IRUNLIKEAGIRL- throw out that training plan, skip those 18 milers, marathon might as well be called a 5K; Kelly is bringing cake.

Ok, I’ll stop talking about sugar for a few seconds to share this post-race picture of Peter and my lazy-eye:


And a cuter one of Sarah and I at the Botanical Gardens. We were training partners when I used to live in NYC (a.k.a. she would run easy and I’d hold on for dear life), logging hundreds of miles together in Central Park and probably just as many meals. We are really good eaters.  Image:

In the spirit of announcements, I have a couple more:

1. If you order anything from the IRUNLIKEAGIRL’s online store between now and Valentine’s day (oh I just love Feb. 14th…don’t you?), we will pay for the shipping. Simply use the code: ItsAboutTheHeart and select USPS priority if you reside in the US, and First Class International Shipping if you reside in Canada. Or send me your boyfriend/fiance/husband/mailman’s email address and I’ll be sure to hint at what you really want this Valentine’s day.

2. Team IRUNLIKEAGIRL is meeting tomorrow morning for a 4-6 mile run in GG park and brunch at The Grove. Yummy. Please bring or wear any hoodie that has strings (need to be able to close the hood around your face) for a little pre-run photo op.

What are you up to this weekend? Anyone racing? Any long runs planned? 

I’m heading out the door for 18 miles, fortunately I have company for my misery this long one. T-minus 5 weeks until the Napa Valley marathon. Yeeeah.

Have a good one, friends!

About Kelly

A runner and lover of peanut butter and cupcakes living in San Francisco, CA. This blog captures my experiences in running, refueling and building the lifestyle business, IRUNLIKEAGIRL (Online Store: www.irunlikeagirl.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IRUNLIKEAGIRLACTIVEWEAR) Half Marathon PR: 1:31 (2009 Bay State Half Marathon) Marathon PR: 3:21 (2010 Nashville Country Music Marathon)
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7 Responses to I have an announcement.

  1. I was able to get in a long run this morning before my baby woke up! yay for not having to push a stroller!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Today was my birthday and a well-deserved day off. Tomorrow I will make up for the day of laziness (who am I kidding, I’ve got 3 kids under 3 years old) and burn off all the extra calories I indulged in today.

  3. Ally says:

    Happy Birthday Sarah! Could you please send a piece of your cake to Maryland! lol So, I want to start getting into running. Help me! I hear couch to 5k is a great start. Any suggestions? : )

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