My Afternoon with Jennifer Hellickson

IRUNLIKEAGIRL is all about heart. It’s about going after something that makes you feel alive. And then being able to share that moment with someone. For Jen Hellickson, that moment was the completion of her first ultra-marathon. Then, a triathlon. Personally I’m a girl who gets excited to meet others who share in my love for running and fitness (ok- and cupcakes). I’ve always liked connecting with people over the small and seemingly insignificant things in life. I’m so intrigued by someones day to day habits. Maybe because I know that it’s in the quiet of an ordinary day that we show where our hearts lie (mine: vanilla frosting), what we are willing to do and what lengths we are willing to take to prepare for our extraordinary. Fast, slow, middle of the pack, each one of us has a story. Get to know Jen. Get to know a girl who’s getting up and getting after it, day after day, defining her extra in the ordinary.


– How did you get into triathlons and what element, be it biking, swimming or running do you like the most?
Jen: Two of my good friends from high school (we ran track & cross country together) are triathletes – one a pro and the other training for her first Ironman – so I’ve been following along vicariously on their adventures over the years. They both recommended triathlon as excellent cross-training for running (my favorite of the disciplines), which is how I first got involved in a few sprint races – the swimming and biking were great ways to maintain cardiovascular fitness while removing some impact from weekly workouts. But after last fall’s marathon, I wanted to take on a new challenge, so I decided to move up to the Olympic distance and really train for it.
Images for IRUNLIKEAGIRL shoot of Jennifer Hellickson
– How did you get into ultra marathoning and what do you like about it most?
Jen: I joke that I have some friends who are a really good “bad” influence! Namely, Jamie Walker (a former co-worker, fellow workout buddy, and now my boss at SweatGuru) and Brian Kelley (a blogger friend, aka Pavement runner, whom I train with). They have both done all kinds of ultra distances, so I started by picking their brains on our runs. It wasn’t something I had considered until more recently, but since I fell in love with trail running during marathon training (and it’s a much more forgiving surface than the roads), I figured I’d give it a shot. I love the unpredictability of it and the fact that it requires a completely different mindset. I’m used to breaking up and quantifying my road runs (hitting a specific pace per mile over an exact distance) and can usually predict my performance to some degree…but with longer distances on the trails, it requires a much more holistic approach.
– Favorite running moment?
Jen: Completing my first marathon back in Chicago in 2002. I was undertrained and had no idea what I was getting into, but being naive allowed me to stay present (instead of focusing on a time goal) and enjoy a lot of moments along the way.
– Favorite place to run, bike, swim?
Jen: Running: Over the Golden Gate Bridge – that view never, ever gets old. Biking: Up Hawk Hill in the Marin Headlands – my hubby’s favorite route; we love the views and the challenge of the hills. Swimming: A clean, uncrowded pool! I’m still working on my open-water swimming anxiety 🙂
– Biggest surprise since running an ultra marathon and now a triathlon?
Jen: What the body is capable of – you never know until you try, and in the process you learn a lot about yourself.
– Absolute favorite thing about the ultra-marathon?
Jen: The people! It’s such an awesome culture, and a nice laid-back feel compared to the road races I’m used to.
– And how about the triathlon?
Jen: The fact that the three disciplines are so different. I feel like I learn something new every day, and I love how they complement each other.
– One thing that never gets easier no matter how long or hard I train is:___________
Jen: HILLS. On two feet or on two wheels, they’re always a challenge!
– What is your favorite moment of most days? 
Jen: I’ve got two: My morning cup of coffee to help wake me up, and that moment after my workout when I’m riding high on those exercise-induced endorphins and a feeling of accomplishment.
– Fav post race indulgence?
Jen: Immediately after: chocolate milk or a recovery smoothie. Later: Deep-dish Chicago-style pizza or an In ‘n’ Out cheeseburger.
– Early riser or night owl?
Jen: I used to be a night owl, but in order to get in all the training & recovery, I’m now an early bird (well, except for off days where I like to sleep in a bit!). It feels good to get up and get in your groove so you can set a positive tone for the day.
– Guilty pleasure?
Jen: Brunch! It’s not often that we have a leisurely morning, and I love breakfast food.
– Sweet or salty?
Jen: Sweet. With salt on it 🙂

– Advice you’d give your 23 year old self?

Jen: Work hard, be kind to others, focus on what makes you truly happy…and the rest will work itself out.

What’s next?
Jen: Just finished a 50k trail race! Next fall I will go for sub 4 in the Detroit marathon.
Follow Jen’s extraordinary pursuits on her personal blog and pick up a 20% IRUNLIKEAGIRL by stopping by Kinetic Fix.
Dream big and dream often,
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Making a Statement in 2014.

On the eve of a fresh new year, we invite you to contribute to IRUNLIKEAGIRL’s online map of goals + dreams and see what others are chasing down in 2014.

Please take the next two minutes to make one statement for 2014 and you’ll be entered to WIN our newest tank top, which arrives very shortly. You’ll also be given a secret discount code (that is now active) when you submit your entry! 

How do you enter? Simply fill in the blank below via our online form here, describing one thing that you want to achieve for yourself in the new year:

2014 is the year that I will ______________. 

Whatever it may be, define your goal, make your statement and own it. We will share the online map of all responses on in a few short weeks!

Here’s to 2014, full of things that have never been.


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Healed and ready to hit the streets of Berkeley

After re-injuring my foot during the Women’s Health RUN 10 FEED 10 race a few weeks ago I’m happy to report that my life is, in fact, not over. I was detained from running for a while longer and I have survived to blog about it. Whew. I won’t say that the race was worth the additional bench time, but my hobble across the finishline provided 10 meals to those going hungry in SF. So while city wide hunger was not cured on this day I was happy to help fight 10 potential cases of the hangries (and we all know how serious that can be).

Fortunately, my life outside of running (what’s that) has been beamy. It’s been over two months now since I have been working full-time @_IRUNLIKEAGIRL and as a fitness instructor at Burn. After years of blackening my soul by investing myself in a job that I did not love, I’ve never felt so alive, challenged, light and grateful. The Sunday demons have checked out. And now I’m healed and back to running which means I’m back to functioning in society; bonus.

On Sunday I’ll be racing the Berkeley half marathon with the november project crew. While I’m still re-introducing my lungs to what it feels like to run hard, I’m hoping that the net-downhill course and the blistering back wind that I’ve put in for will get through the finishline in under 1:35. No PR hopies for this one, I will just be grateful to not have to cart it in on the sag wagon. So with that, good luck this weekend to all racing in Berkeley and elsewhere. Let us know how it goes and share a pic or five with us via twitter or fb.


All dressed up in the Racer Girl Tank for the recent Women’s Health RUN10FEED10 race in SF


Some of these pretty faces that ran the NWM will be racing the Berkeley half on Sunday.

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IRUNLIKEAGIRL takes on the SF Nike Women’s Half Marathon

With the launch of our new online store, this has been a big, exciting week for us. And as Team IRUNLIKEAGIRL prepares to toe the starting line in San Francisco AND Denver, this weekend rolls in with a similar energy. And as if on cue, there is that pit in my stomach. That nervous yet excited sinking stomach feeling brought on by the very thought of racing. Perhaps I should already be on the porta potty line.

The SF Nike Women’s Half Marathon has been on my race wishlist for a couple years now. The city, the swag, the lottery, the point-to-point course all culminated to warrant a high pitch squeal when our team of 8 was accepted. We got in! And up until 4 weeks ago, my training was going well. Week over week, my track workouts were faster. I was consistently cross-training while preparing to become a group fitness instructor. I felt strong, fit, alive. Unless of course, I was napping. There were a lot of those. And then I got hurt. Limping home from a run kind of hurt. Put in a boot and given 3 weeks to live rest. Call me dramatic but I was devastated.

A week later I took flight to Dominica for a Yoga.Run retreat with my sister and 25 yogi-runners. We slept in tree houses. Showered outdoors. Ate the amazingly fresh food. Glamped. I was grateful to have a full week with one intention – to heal my foot. Getting a tan was high on the priority list too. While everyone would hike & run, I swam. The outdoor restaurant overlooked the pool to which I would look up and see inquisitive looks upon the guests faces. With two breaths to the other side of the pool it was essentially a rubber room. I was institutionalized. Hey guys nothing to see here, just a really tall girl in a small pool trying to maintain her sanity. A week of swimming, yoga, stretching and icing on repeat and I left Dominica with the ability to walk pain-free! And without a tan.

Fast forward to this morning– I had another pain-free run! I’ve been running since Wednesday and my foot is reacting well and feeling better everyday. On Sunday I’m going to start the race, run a couple miles and if the foot feels uncomfy (it’s a word) I am going to hop out. Yeah, still coming to terms with this that last part but hopefully it won’t be necessary and I will cruise right along to a sub 1:30 (<– I’ll be having a reality check for lunch). So, here’s to recovery, good health for all and the remembrance that every run is a gift.

Are you racing this weekend? Good luck to all runners, especially those running the Nike Women’s Marathon, Denver Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon, MCM & Runners World Challenge.

PS- BOTH of my sisters AND my MOM are in San Francisco this weekend (my sisters are also running NWM). So naturally that last statement is exactly how I’ll be feeling for the next four days.






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Meet Nicole, our Ambassador from Michigan

An avid runner, mother of three & middle school teacher, Nicole collided her interests when she started a girls running group in effort to inspire students to be more active and feel good about themselves. Nicole has run a couple of half marathons and this September will be joined by 15 of her IRUNLIKEAGIRL teammates as she takes on the Detroit Women’s half marathon. Hooty hoo!

Nicole loves to share her enjoyment for running, and we are loving that she will join Alexis, Katie and the rest of the team of Ambassadors in helping IRUNLIKEAGIRL build positive connections and friendships between runners that might have not otherwise ever been.

If you are in Michigan or maybe just want to run Eminem’s hometown city streets (me), Nicole has selected the Detroit Women’s Half Marathon (September 22nd, 2013) as her Fall goal race and would love your company. If you are interested in running this race or just want to send her a note, her inbox is now accepting hugs: please email Nicole (nicolettefaz (at) yahoo (dot) com).

Nicole’s story:

“The Crim Foundation is big here in the Genesee County Area (Michigan). The Crim is a 10 mile race that has been going on for 37 years. It was started by Bobby Crim to raise money for Special Olympics. They have a Crim Grant that they give out to schools each year for promoting running health. Last summer four Middle School Teachers, including me and three of my friends, decided it would be fun to try it. Middle school girls are not that interested in running in our area. So we were awarded the grant and started training in the fall of 2012. One of our teachers moved districts, so we were left with three teachers to run the program. We are all runners and all run at different paces so we knew we could challenge the girls at all levels. We ran through the fall and then did inside activities in until the snow melted and we could go outside again. We met two days a week and talked about nutrition, different kinds of exercise and overall health. With the grant money we signed them all up for a race in May. The race was in its first year so they all placed! They girls had a great time and each was given a medal. It was positive for all the girls that participated and we hope to get the grant so that we can do it again this year.”

Nicole says:

My favorite meal is: If I had to pick a meal it would be our family dinner meal together. They are usually some sort of chicken dish, very creative I know, baked fries (for the kids) and fruit. At this time we each share our favorite  part of the day. We tell what we liked most of our day. Even our 4 year old has been doing it since he could talk. It is interesting to see how it changes for each person from day to day.

And I usually eat: a lot of the same things. I am not very creative with food and I’m not a good cook. I do like to go to our local farmers market on Sundays with the kids and find fruits and veggies and then cook up a meal on Sunday night.

I like my coffee: I’m not a coffee person. I love Starbucks~ for their Chai Tea Latte and black tea/lemonade. I love the smell of coffee, just not the taste.

My favorite color is: periwinkle. I like that you can’t tell if it’s blue or purple.

My favorite day of the week is: Thursday. It means that it is almost Friday and during the school year we can wear jeans and running shoes on Friday and then it’s almost the weekend. Also, Thursday night TV is usually pretty good.

If an extra hour was added to each day, I’d probably use it: to sleep. I don’t get enough sleep with 3 kids, a new puppy and house to clean.

Most people are surprised to learn… that I am a really nice person. I am rather vocal when I believe in something, especially at work, when it involves kids. I tend to speak my mind and if you don’t know me, it can be intimidating, or so I have been told. It makes me laugh because I don’t see myself that way. I just assume everyone speaks their mind if they feel strongly about something.


Tri Goddess Triathlon 2012


Warrior Dash


Nicole, IRUNLIKEAGIRL Ambassador


Shivering through a 34 degree race on St. Patricks Day

 To learn more about Team IRUNLIKEAGIRL: Michigan please leave a comment below or email Nicole directly: (nicolettefaz (at) yahoo (dot) com). To learn more about Alexis’ TX team please go here. For Katie’s CO team please visit here. And please check back as we introduce our other Ambassadors in the coming weeks!
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Meet Katie, our Ambassador from Colorado

Is anyone racing tomorrow? If you are in Colorado running the Let Freedom Run race look for our new IRUNLIKEAGIRL Ambassador, Katie. If you see her, please say hello! She’s super friendly, so even an awkward introduction like “you don’t know me but I’ve seen your face on the Internet” will get the conversation started. I can assure you of her friendliness because a) she works as an overnight instructor at her local ZOO b) which means she sleeps with the bears and teaches young kids about the animals  c) if BEARS really like you, likeability with human runners was mastered a long time ago

As a full-time Mom to her two little girls, part-time Scientist and Zoo Lady, running is Katie’s quiet time; a time that allows her to stop thinking about homework assignments and bacterial cultures. Katie works at a hospital as a research coordinator in the Cystic Fibrosis clinic and at her local zoo as an overnight instructor. This means that she sleeps at the zoo while teaching kids about animals and the environment. While pregnant with her second daughter, she felt large and uncomfortable. Six weeks after she was born, she started running. First slowly, pushing the stroller. Then faster, still pushing the stroller. Now that her girls are out of the stroller, she still runs and smiles at the moms who are just now entering that phase of running and encourages all women, but especially moms, to get out there and run.

We are excited to introduce Katie as our new ambassador from Colorado. She will join Alexis and the rest of the team of Ambassadors in helping IRUNLIKEAGIRL build positive connections and friendships between runners that might have not otherwise ever been. All ambassadors have selected Fall races in their state and we invite you to race with us! If you are in Colorado, passing through or want to plan a little race-cation, Katie has selected the Denver Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon (October 20th, 2013) as her Fall goal race. If you are interested in running this race or hearing some interesting animal planet like stories, please email Katie (krpoch (at) hotmail (dot) com).

Katie says:

My favorite meal is: breakfast

And I usually eat: cereal.  Honey Nut Cheerios and Frosted Flakes with bananas are favorites.

I like my coffee: decaffeinated.  I (usually) have enough energy.

My favorite color is: blue, especially when it is with maize (Go Blue!)

My favorite day of the week is: Sunday. A long run followed by family time is the usual routine.

If an extra hour was added to each day, I would use it to: do something crafty with my sewing machine.

Most people are surprised to learn that… I hold a patent for a two handled dog leash.

Katie Run




Katie Poch


 To learn more about Team IRUNLIKEAGIRL: Colorado please leave a comment below or email Katie directly: krpoch (at) hotmail (dot) com. To learn more about TX please go here. And please check back as we introduce our IL, MA, NY and MI Ambassadors in the coming weeks!
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Meet Alexis, our ambassador for TEXAS

A mom of 3 boys,  full-time accountant and a full-time student, Alexis first started running because she HATED it and wanted to see if she could MAKE herself do it. Over 900 miles and 17 races later, Rhianna describes it best: she’s found a love in hopeless place.

To move forward and get after the things in this life that we want for ourselves, it often takes a push from others and support along the way. Alexis, our new ambassador for Texas, and the rest of our team of IRUNLIKEAGIRL ambassadors around the country are helping us build connections and friendships between runners that might have not otherwise ever been. All ambassadors have selected Fall races in their state and we invite you to race with us. Who knows, you may just meet a whole team of new people that positively impact your life forever.

To all of our Texans and to all those that have been longing to visit the Armadillo state, you’re invited to race with Alexis & Team IRUNLIKEAGIRL. Alexis has selected two fall goal races: Clear Lake City Half Marathon in Houston (November 10) and the Run Girl Half Marathon also in Houston (December 6). If you’re interested in running one of these races or maybe you just want to quiz her nine-banded armadillo knowledge, Alexis is now accepting hellos: alexislockhart78 (at) gmail (dot) com. And because we all know that looking your finest equates to racing your fastest, IRUNLIKEAGIRL will have special active wear pricing for all of our teams.

Alexis says:  

I know how important running is as a part of taking care of myself so that I am empowered to be at my best for all of the different roles in my life.  I’m so excited for this because if I had to describe my dream job it would be to spread enthusiasm, cheer, lead, help people set and accomplish goals, feel empowered and change my little corner of the world. And now here I am with an opportunity to do just that!

My favorite meal of the day is: dinner – usually the only time my whole family can sit down to a meal together.

…and I usually eat: anything I can get from fridge to table in less than 30 minutes that is healthy enough for me, but kid friendly enough for 5, 14, and 17 year old boys.
I like my coffee: chocolate coffee with french vanilla fat free cream!
My favorite color is: yellow – because it always looks happy
My favorite day of the week is: Saturday – long runs in the AM and then a day with my boys!
If an extra hour was added to each day, I’d use it to: run 3 miles and spend the other 30 minutes playing with my boys
Alexis, her 3 boys and my mom last summer at South Padre Island-- "We were on a boat on our way out to go Para-sailing. My first time to do that. Checked it off the bucket list...I'm ALL about the bucket list."
Alexis, her 3 boys and my mom last summer at South Padre Island– “We were on a boat on our way out to go Para-sailing. My first time to do that. Checked it off the bucket list…I’m ALL about the bucket list.”
Alexis' finish at her first ever half marathon - Run Girl HM Dec. 2010. "I was crying my eyes out by the time I crossed the finish line.  I was in the middle of a very sad divorce, and running probably saved my life. The sense of accomplishment and empowerment was unbelievable."

Alexis’ finish at her first ever half marathon – Run Girl HM Dec. 2010. “I was crying my eyes out by the time I crossed the finish line.  I was in the middle of a very sad divorce, and running probably saved my life. The sense of accomplishment and empowerment was unbelievable.”

5K line Jennifer & Alexis

Alexis & Jennifer– “Myself and my BFF at the 5K line during my first Full Marathon – Mardi Gras Rock n Roll New Orleans Feb. 2011. I love destination races and she is a GREAT traveling/racing buddy!”

Me skydiving. I love it. I recommend everyone do it, at least once in their life.

Alexis skydiving– “I love it. I recommend everyone do it, at least once in their life.”
 To learn more about Team IRUNLIKEAGIRL: Texas please leave a comment below or email Alexis directly: alexislockhart78 (at) gmail (dot) com. And please check back as we introduce our CO, IL, MA, NY and MI Ambassadors in the coming weeks!
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It’s Official

78 more days until I begin my extended leave from the advertising agency world to pursue my purpose with IRUNLIKEAGIRL full-time. I’ve been anticipating this life move for such a long time that my only uncertainty is what I’ll do with myself in the moment it arrives. I imagine being stricken with a feeling of happiness so great that the hills come alive with the sound of music. Dancing freely in the sunshine might be all that I can manage to accomplish for awhile. And I’m ok with this as so long myself is ok with it too (she’s my new boss).

All the while knowing better, I have delayed making this leap.  I wanted the transition to be smooth. To land on my feet as dominque-dawes-like as possible (WWDD?). To be able to maintain my visitation rights to Whole Foods. To just not ever have to live in the confines of a strict budget. But there’s no more waiting for the clock to strike perfect. I’m thirty. No more holding back to hang out with fear and uncertainty. Unless there is a bear (should I ever encounter a bear then I will fear and I will hold back). In this life I remind myself that it’s progress, not perfection that I seek. So when I say this move has been a long time coming, it’s been so long that the agency I’ve been waiting to move on from has already moved on from me. This was confirmed for me this last week when I watched our agency-wide company meeting via video conference. The meeting was being held in New York and I was at home in San Francisco. Sure I was across the country but it felt more as if I was on a different planet watching what was happening down on earth. I’ve been told on more than a few occasions that I live in my own little world but on this afternoon, I finally claimed residence. I felt so disconnected. This was the marketing agency that I had helped build for the past 7 years. I think I was the employee #5 at the little-startup-that-could. I had worked my ass off there for so long. And for so long I truly felt that they could not possibly survive without me. And here they were before my very eyes doing exactly that…. and doing it well. And I was not even gone yet! Cue kelly clarkson song. Nothing like a healthy dose of perspective to remind you that just because you’re moving on doesn’t mean that the thing you’re moving on from isn’t moving on, too. Just not in the same direction. And that’s ok. After awhile if you’re not into it, it won’t be into you. And when it’s time, you’re late.

So, what is my dream for IRUNLIKEAGIRL exactly?

I want to travel around the country in an IRUNLIKEAGIRL truck (a super eco-friendly one, I swear) to different races, making connections between people that might have not otherwise ever been. Think about all of the like-minded runners that you see at races that you have never spoken to. What’s her story? What does he do? What is she listening to?  Like it or not, the things that we really want for ourselves in this life are often achieved when someone else helps push us forward a bit. I would not be here writing about this opportunity if my mom didn’t (quite literally) push me to go introduce myself to Jen (founder of IRUNLIKEAGIRL) after a 5K race in New York. We need to get out of our comfort zone to even have a shot at being at our best. We need each other to get there.

So, here’s to the next chapter! And here’s what we’re working on for IRUNLIKEAGIRL…

Team IRUNLIKEAGIRL ambassadors in MA, TX, CO, MI, WY and NY have been selected! I will be introducing these amazing ladiez in the coming weeks. Each ambassador has selected a Fall race in their state and will be recruiting runners to train together and race as a team.

A new line of IRUNLIKEAGIRL active wear will debut this Fall! So excited about this. Thousands more words to come on this one, promise.

And I will continue to save my spare change for an IRUNLIKEAGIRL fashion truck. But until then, look for IRUNLIKEAGIRL and our ambassadors at various races this Fall. Let’s race and hangout and eat cupcakes and be friends.

My dream mobile - an IRUNLIKEAGIRL fashion truck.

My dream mobile – an IRUNLIKEAGIRL fashion truck.

To the journey

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone…

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One fine day

On this Memorial Monday, I remember my Uncle Billy and all of the men and women who, in the face of freedom, have made the ultimate sacrifice. Without the bravery of those that have dared, suffered, and sacrificed all, I would not have the luxury to live freely to do other things today… like run a 10K and stuff my face with pancakes. On this fine day I dedicate my spirit, my race and my starch-filled smile to all of our fallen heroes.

On a lighter lower carb note, I would like to wish my dear friend and Team IRUNLIKEAGIRL’s Sarah Sands a Happy Birthday! Sarah was one of my first friends in San Francisco and without her friendship my life would be several laughs and bottles of red wine less-full. This past March Sarah ran her first marathon, in April she married her Irish sweetheart in Boston and on this fine day in May she turns 31 years-fabulous. To many more memories and Christmases in November, Happy Birthday Sarah!





Happy Memorial Day to all. How are you spending today’s unofficial start of Summer?

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We’re Looking for a Few Good Women

who love to run. the city streets. trails. around the block. down country roads. with others. alone. the dog. in the early morning. before dusk. at night. with music. with conversation. your thoughts. in the absence thereof.

who love to race. with purpose. a first place finish. new personal best. just to finish. and eat cupcakes. mmm cupcakes. to see improvement. and enjoy.

who love to share. with friends. ideas. dreams. interests. a bottle of wine. what you want for yourself. for your life. what you’re excited about. and can’t help but talk about. for the positive energy. laughter. abandonment of doubt. to help move you. and those around you. forward.

who love IRUNLIKEAGIRL and want to be a Team ambassador.

Team IRUNLIKEAGIRL is going national and we’re looking for a few good women who want to start a team in their city. The program, simply put, entails selecting a Fall goal race (Oct. – Jan.) in your city and recruiting your friends (new & old) to sign up for the race to run with your edition of  Team IRUNLIKEAGIRL. As a Team IRUNLIKEAGIRL Ambassador you will be helping to build a community that is built on IRUNLIKEAGIRL’s greater purpose of inspiring girls and women to go after their dreams and activate the lives that they want for themselves.

To learn more about the program and it’s perks please head on over here. We’ve extended the deadline to May 30th and thank  everyone that has applied so far– we will be notifying all Fall 2013 Ambassadors by early June.

For a little more information about IRUNLIKEAGIRL, I invite you to watch this short little video. Earlier this year Jen and I were asked to shoot a short clip upon winning 3rd place in Pure Barre’s “Preneur” competition for emerging female-owned businesses (serious video production props to Jen’s daughter Katie who we asked to shoot more than a few takes due to our uncontrollable laughter :-).


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